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8% Distribution
Target 10% Return

Quarterly Returns

Trading on New York
State Stox Exchange


8% Distribution | Target 10% Return

Annual, Quarterly Returns

Trading on New York State Stox Exchange

The securities being profiled on this website are under Rule 147A. Please note, sales can only be made to residents of New York State. Salomon Brothers Securities Inc. have been contracted by EquityLine NY LP to make sales in New York State only. Important notice, we do not offer or sell to any State outside of New York. 

EquityLine NY, LP has been created to provide New York investors with an opportunity to invest directly in mortgages, incoming-producing rental properties, and real estate development.

The investment model has been developed to balance the assurance of income on an insured basis with liquidity through investment in shorter-term mortgages, with the attractive opportunity for higher returns (capital gains and income) that we expect can be achieved from including a portion of the asset portfolio in an equity ownership approach to real estate ownership and development in New York, Texas and Florida.

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Asset Allocation Model

Short-Term Mortgage Origination

Liquidity income
The company intends to invest the majority of the capital raised in self-originated New York, Texas and Florida short-term mortgages, consisting primarily of multi-family buildings. The primary focus on multi-family mortgages is designed to reduce risk in the portfolio and increase the liquidity of the investments, based on our extensive experience in the mortgage market. High-rate, short-term mortgages (maximum 18 months) will be used to generate immediate returns targeted at 12 percent, with a goal to provide readily liquidated assets. 

Our conservative mortgage investment strategy, currently being deployed by EquityLine MIC in Canada, will be mirrored within EquityLine NY. 

Rental Income

Investments in income-producing rental properties
Target Ratios
  • Mortgage rate at 5.75%
  • 8% Cap Rate
  • Projected 12.5% ROI
  • Rent Revenue supported by PerfectPayRent

Most EquityLine rental properties will be supported by the “PerfectPayRent” insurance program. This program guarantees that rent is paid on time every month. Both landlords and tenants are protected against unexpected circumstances that can leave the tenant unable to pay rent regularly and on time.

Condominium Complex

Joint Venture Real Estate Development

Long Term Income and Capital Gains
EquityLine NY with a goal to invest capital in carefully  chosen real estate development projects. EquityLine NY will seek qualified joint-venture real estate developments targeting a minimum IRR and EM for the company on a deferred basis.

Asset Class Target

  • Transitional assets, Build-to-Rent (BTR), low, mid, and high-rise residential (for sale and/or for rent)
  • Other assets on a case-to-case basis


A New York Limited Partnership

Offering equity interests in the form of limited partnership units (“Interest”) paying an intended return 8% on the capital contributed by an investor or on subscription, target return of 10%

The Interests are initially offered at a purchase price of US$10.00 per Interest and then adjusted to NAV (as determined by the General Partner) annually at each fiscal year end

No minimum offering amount

Quarterly distribution of available cash

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