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Targeting a 10% Annual Return with a scheduled minimum 0f 8% annualized, distributed monthly.*

EquityLine USA REIT Inc., formed in 2023, intends to build on the track record and experience of the EquityLine Group. The EquityLine Group, based in Toronto, Ontario, is composed of Canadian and US companies that offer a full range of mortgage services, real estate management, and development through interrelated corporations and third-party partners. Founded almost a decade ago, the group has grown in response to increasing demand for its services.

The Offering

EquityLine USA REIT Inc. is offering shares of our common stock at $10 each for our no par value stock. Our REIT is an established Maryland corporation which is committed to investing in and managing a focused portfolio. This includes residential mortgage assets, real estate-related securities, and select real estate development projects. Our assets mainly comprise mortgage loans with a maximum maturity term of 36 months. We emphasize a focused target duration of 18 months or less, with a strong emphasis on durations of 12 months or fewer. The management of our mortgage investments will be conducted externally by our affiliated entity, EquityLine New York Services Corp.

Please note that there hasn’t been a public offering of the REIT’s securities, and currently, no public market exists for our common stock. We are making available 30,000,000 shares of our common stock at a fixed price of $10 per share.

*For more information about our minimum and target returns, please refer to our Offering Memorandum

The Offering

A Diversified Investment Strategy in Tune with the Times

Morgage Origination
(Primary capital deployment)
Direct Real Estate Investment
(Up to 10% capital deployment)

Offering Highlights


EquityLine USA REIT Inc., a newly formed Maryland corporation that will invest in, acquire and manage a diversified portfolio of residential mortgage assets, other real estate-related securities and financial assets

Offering Terms

REIT Common Stock at an offering price of $10.00 per share

Maximum Offering

Initial Maximum Offering: $300,000,000 (US); 
Cap on Shares to be issued: 30,000,000

Offering Timeline


NAV Valuation Policy

The Manager will use reasonable methods of determining Net Asset Value. The REIT may adopt alternative methods to calculate the investment values and Net Asset Value from time to time, without notice to or approval by the shareholders. The NAV will be used to set the offer price commencing April 1, 2024, and will be reset on January 1 each year thereafter.

Distribution Policy

REIT compliant at 90% or more of all revenue, an intended return 8% on capital, with investment policy designed so there is the potential for shared additional return on revenue from excess of the anticipated amount; paid calendar quarterly – 15th day of following month accruing on the days subscribed basis from subscription acceptance, following business day protocol with an annual catch up of the available revenue net of the ½ of 1% management fee and the Manager 50% share of excess revenue over a 10% return on invested capital on subscription.

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Targeting a 10% annual return with a scheduled minimum 0f 8% annualized, distributed monthly.

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