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EquityLine NY formed in 2022, is a New York company affiliated with the EquityLine Group. Formed for the purpose of providing New York investors access to a diversified investment strategy through the New York State Stox digital trading platform.

Asset Allocation Model

Acquiring real estate short-term rental properties, generating a guaranteed return (on specific insured investments).

Custom home

Acquiring originated short-term mortgages in New York and Canada.

Investing in select real estate joint-venture developments in New York and Canada.


EquityLine NY intends to build on the track record and experience of the EquityLine Group. The EquityLine Group is based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, is composed of Canadian and U.S. companies that offer a full range of mortgage services, real estate management, and development through inter-related corporations and third-party partners. Founded almost a decade ago, the group has grown in response to increasing demand for its services.

The Equityline Group of Companies

EquityLine Mortgage Investment Corporation

EquityLine Mortgage Investment Corporation (EquityLine MIC) was established in 2018, to provide a more consistent source of mortgage funding for borrowers and contracted mortgage brokers. Additionally, EquityLine MIC provides private and public investors with the ability to participate in pools of mortgages. EquityLine MIC pays a monthly, flow-through dividend.

→Assets under management as of December 31, 2022 42.5 million CDN.
→While experiencing no foreclosures in the mortgage portfolio since inception.

EquityLine Service Corp.

EquityLine Services Corp. (founded in 2018) manages EquityLine MIC via a management contract. As the Manager of EquityLine MIC it provides the sourcing, structuring, and management of mortgages on behalf of EquityLine MIC and other contracted mortgage-related entities. This includes evaluation of projects, collection of payments from borrowers, and, if required, enforcement proceedings. The Manager may charge lender fees directly to borrowers as compensation for its services. The administrator entity under EquityLine Financial Corp. has been in business since 2014. 

EquityLine NY Service Corp.

EquityLine NY Service Corp (the Manager, (founded in 2022) manages EquityLine NY via a management contract. EquityLine NY Service Corp. will provide similar management services as noted above by EquityLine Service Corp for EquityLine MIC for mortgage origination. Plus, sourcing, structuring of rental (income producing) properties, and real estate development in an accordance with the asset allocation model developed by The Manager.

EquityLine SPV Limited Partnership

EquityLine Special Purpose Vehicle
Since September 2021, EquityLine MIC has had liquidity lines through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) structure with a Schedule One Canadian chartered bank. The SPV accelerates growth in Assets Under Management (AUM) while mitigating debt risk. Under the SPV arrangement, EquityLine MIC can fund approximately 20% of a mortgage from its existing capital pool, which in turn will trigger an additional 80% funding contribution from the SPV at an interest rate of prime + 1.5%, without commission or distributions payable. Through this SPV structure, EquityLine MIC can leverage AUM growth by a factor of four to generate an attractive profit without assuming debt risk. EquityLine MIC initiated an initial $25 million CAD credit facility (the “Facility”) through the Canadian Schedule 1 bank which increased to a $55 million CAD facility in Q4 2022.

EquityLine Financial Corp.

EquityLine Financial Corp. is a privately held mortgage brokerage operating in Ontario since 2014. The purpose of the brokerage is to connect qualified mortgagors with third-party mortgagees.

This website is to be used for general information purposes only. The information in this site does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation to invest in the Corporation. Investors should consult their own counsel and seek advice from a registered Financial Advisor or Dealing Representative before making an investment decision.

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